About Bearded Dragon Owners

Bearded Dragon Owners is a "just for fun" community that started as a page on Facebook back in 2015. The goal of this page was quite simple, to share pictures, videos, and care advice as it pertains to the topic of Bearded Dragons. Overall, we welcome anyone who has a Bearded Dragon or is interested in getting one in the near future.

Meet the Creator

Hello, my name is Brent! There are two things to know about me that would help explain how my community came into existence. That is, I love computers and I'm a Bearded Dragon owner. Allow me to elaborate, I created the Bearded Dragon Owners Facebook page back in 2015. At the same time, I was majoring in computer science. As the years went on, I combined my knowledge of computers along with my interest in Bearded Dragons. In other words, I grew a community through social media management, image and video editing, and web development.

Meet My Bearded Dragons

Over the past decade, I have had five Bearded Dragons as pets. Although, I've also bred and sold Bearded Dragons before. Long story short, I have spent a lot of time with Bearded throughout the years. Overall, I think Bearded Dragons are awesome!