What to Feed a Bearded Dragon

Picture of a Bearded Dragon.


Bearded Dragons are omnivores, they eat food of both plant and animal origin. In summary, it is important that a Bearded Dragon’s diet has variety and is not restricted to any one type of food. This post is a basic introduction to what Bearded Dragons eat. For more information on food supplementation, gut-loading, or food scheduling, read our care guide here.

1) Live Food

At a young age, Bearded Dragons will rely more on live food to thrive. Dubia roaches would be a great choice as an everyday staple feeder for your reptile. Though, other options exist as well as seen below.

Daily Choices:

Treats Only:

2) Vegetables & Fruits

As Bearded Dragons get older, they may show more interest in vegetables. In addition, they may enjoy a piece of fruit once in awhile. However, it’s best to establish a habit of offering live food, vegetables, and the occasional fruit while a Bearded Dragon is young. Otherwise, it may be harder to get the reptile to eat vegetables or fruits when it is older. Remember, variety is the key to a good diet for a Bearded Dragon.

Daily Choices:

Treats Only:

Fruits in general should be offered as treats only. Also, some vegetables are best used as treats too. Below, is a small list of veggies or fruits to try occasionally for a Bearded Dragon’s diet.

3) List of Dangerous Foods

Certain foods should never be offered to a Bearded Dragon. If you are ever unsure if your reptile can eat something, then simply do not attempt it until further research is done. Overall, some foods may have no nutritional value or could be toxic for a Bearded Dragon. Below, are examples of unsafe foods (or foods to avoid). Though, there could be more not included here.

Never Offer: