Why Your Bearded Dragon Isn’t Basking

Picture of a Bearded Dragon.

1) Incorrect Basking Temperature

A Bearded Dragon’s basking spot should range from 95F to 110F. If your Bearded Dragon’s basking spot is too cold, then the reptile will have no reason to use the basking spot. In addition, if the basking spot is too hot, then your Bearded Dragon may be uncomfortable with laying on the basking spot. Overall, be sure to double-check that your Bearded Dragon’s basking spot is in the ideal range.

2) Stress

If your Bearded Dragon is stressed out, then it may not want to bask. Unfortunately, there are a handful of things that could cause a Bearded Dragon to stress out. In summary, it is best to eliminate any situations that may be causing stress.

Signs of stress.

Things that may cause stress.

3) Brumation

Brumation is a Bearded Dragon’s version of hybernation. Often, it is adult Bearded Dragons that decide to brumate (not juvenile or baby Bearded Dragons). When a Bearded Dragon decides to brumate, it will become less active and it will sleep more often. Overall, brumation is a natural behavior. However, always check for signs of illnesses and ensure a proper enclosure setup (along with proper care methods) before assuming a Bearded Dragon is brumating. Unfortunately, many new owners fall into the trap thinking that their reptile is brumating when it is actually ill or depressed.