Why Bearded Dragons Are Great Pets

Picture of a Bearded Dragon.

1) They’re Docile

Bearded Dragons are considered to be friendly reptiles, a Bearded Dragon will only bite if it feels threatened. If you properly handle a Bearded Dragon and treat it nicely, then the reptile will most likely never act aggresive towards you. In other words, the reptile will have no issue with being handled. Overall, since Bearded Dragons are friendly, they can be good pets for kids, teenagers, or adults.

2) They’re Diurnal

Bearded Dragons are diurnal, this means that they are active during the day and sleep during the night. For obvious reasons, having a pet available to interact with during the day is ideal since humans are also diurnal (well, at least most of us are). In short, if you’re looking for a daytime reptile, then look no further!

3) They Have a Long Lifespan

If kept physically and mentally healthy, a captive Bearded Dragon can live longer than 10 years. Of course, having a pet for that long can create some good memories. I mean, consider me for a second. I got my first Bearded Dragon back in 2012 and now look at me. To clarify, I’m managing an entire community about Bearded Dragons. My Bearded Dragons have already done so much for me. In summary, having a pet Bearded Dragon can be a long-term commitment that is rewarding in many ways.

4) They’re Affordable

Most pet stores will sell young (normal) Bearded Dragons for $60 or less. If a Bearded Dragon is an adult or a rare type of morph, then it could cost $100 or more. Regardless, a young standard Bearded Dragon can be obtained for fairly cheap. In fact, some may be available for as low as $30.

Assuming you have nothing, then the cost of a Bearded Dragon’s tank along with everything it needs (lights, substrate, tank decor, supplements, etc.) should come out to around $300 give or take. In fact, I just calculated this myself on Petco’s website. In brief, a Bearded Dragon’s setup will cost you a few hundred but even that isn’t too bad if you have a job.

To recap, the most expensive part of getting a Bearded Dragon is actually getting a Bearded Dragon along with everything it needs. However, beyond that point, Bearded Dragons are pretty cheap to take care of. After you have everything the reptile needs, the main expense that you will have would be buying its food (along with the occasional vet checkup). However, you can save money on food buy ordering in bulk online rather than getting it from your local pet store.

5) They’re Easy to Take Care Of

After doing research and getting a proper Bearded Dragon enclosure setup, the main duties of Bearded Dragon care involve feeding the reptile and cleaning it along with its enclosure. Aside from that, a Bearded Dragon will spend the majority of its day just basking under its heat bulb. For that reason, I believe most people consider Bearded Dragons to be “beginner” pets since they don’t really do much in general. That is, unless you take them out to explore and interact with them. Ultimately, Bearded Dragons don’t require much work outside of making sure they have the proper enclosure setup, are well-fed, and kept clean.

6) They’re Small

Bearded Dragons grow to a max-length around 2ft. Compared to some other reptiles out there (such as an Iguana that grows up to 7 feet long), this is pretty nice size. If you’re worried about space, then an adult Bearded Dragon can be housed in a 40 gallon tank (36”W x 18”D x 12”H). In other words, a Bearded Dragon’s enclosure will only take up 3 feet of space assuming you house it in the minimum size that we would recommend (a 40 gallon terrarium).

7) They Look and Sound Awesome

I always enjoy telling non-reptile owners that I have a Bearded Dragon and watching their facial expression as if I really have a dragon with a beard. Not only that, but I also enjoy showing them cool pictures of my Bearded Dragons with their beard puffed out as if I had to capture that ferocious looking reptile. In truth, Bearded Dragons are just adorable and derpy little reptiles but most people don’t know that so allow me to live in my fantasy world of taming dragons. All things considered, it’s pretty cool to have a Bearded Dragon and explain what they are to people that aren’t familiar with them.

8) They Don’t Need Friends

Unlike some pets, Bearded Dragons don’t get lonely. In fact, Bearded Dragons are territorial with each other. As a result, Bearded Dragons actually prefer to live in solitude and they don’t want nor do they need friends. If you plan to become a Bearded Dragon owner, then you won’t have to worry about buying more than one Bearded Dragon.